COVID-19 Pandemic Temporary Activity Visa (sub class 408)

Temporary Activity visa (subclass 408) Australian Government endorsed events

Temporary Activity subclass 408 visa

The Temporary Activity subclass 408 visa Australia allows you to come to Australia to do specific types of work on a short-term, temporary basis.

There are ten activity types under the Subclass 408 visa as follows.

  1. Invited Participant in an Event
  2. Sport
  3. Religious Worker
  4. Domestic Worker in certain households
  5. Superyacht Crew
  6. Research
  7. Staff Exchange
  8. Special Programs
    This activity type is for persons who have been invited by an approved sponsor.
  9. Entertainment
  10. Australian Government Endorsed Event (AGEE) - COVID-19 Pandemic event visa (Sub class 408)

Eligibility for the Australian Government Endorsed Events (AGEEs) activity type is based on the Minister listing major Australian events in a legislative instrument. 

The instrument also includes the classes of persons eligible under this activity type. They must be invited by the event organiser. This allows the Department of Home Affairs to manage most, if not all, visa applications associated with an AGEE through a single visa pathway. 

Visa applicants continue to be subject to genuine temporary entry requirements and other standard Subclass 408 criteria.

COVID-19 Pandemic event for Subclass 408 (Temporary Activity) visa

Legislative Instrument – F2020L00409 -LIN 20/122: COVID-19 Pandemic event for Subclass 408 (Temporary Activity) visa and visa application charge for Temporary Activity (Class GG) visa) Instrument 2020

The purpose of the instrument is to provide a pathway for certain former and current holders of temporary visas to lawfully remain in Australia and who would otherwise be required to depart Australia who, but for the COVID-19 pandemic, are unable to leave Australia.


  • Must hold a visa that is 28 days or less from ceasing to be in effect
  • Or, held a visa that is no more than 28 days from ceasing to be in effect
  • And, are unable to apply for the same temporary visa they hold or held or any other subclass of temporary visa other than the Subclass 408 visa
  • Must be part of response to workforce shortages during the COVID-19 pandemic in relation to areas including, but not limited to, agriculture, aged care and public health.
  • Allow holders of temporary visas who are engaged in or have the relevant skills to undertake critical work relating to supply of essential goods and services


  • Nil


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