Partner, Parent, Child and other family visas

Family Visas

Visas for Partners 

Partner Visa Subclass 820/801 Onshore 

Partner Visa Subclass 309/100 Offshore

This two- staged visa is available for people who are legally married or in a de-facto relationship with an Australian citizen, permanent resident or an eligible New Zealand citizen.

Prospective Marriage Visa Subclass 309

A fiancé/fiancee whom an Australian citizen, permanent resident or an eligible New Zealand citizen intends to marry within the subsequent 9 months, is eligible under this category. Once married, the partner is eligible to apply under Partner Visa. 

Visas for children

Child Subclass 101 and 802 

Biological child (onshore or offshore) or an adopted child (onshore) of an Australian citizen is eligible under this category.

Adoption Subclass 102

This is for sponsored overseas children under age of 18 who are eligible under strict circumstances.

Dependent Child Subclass 445 

This is available for certain children of holders of Provisional or Temporary Partner Visas.

Orphan Relative Subclasses 117 and 837

This is available for Australian relative sponsored children under 18 years old whose parents can not  care for them either because the parents are dead, permanently incapacitated or whereabout is unknown.

Visas for Parents 

Parents of settled Australian citizen/ permanent resident may be eligible for Parent Migration if the parent can satisfy the Balance of Family Test. 

There are two broad categories of Parent visas.

Non-Contributory Parent Visas

Parent Subclass 103

This is available for parents who are offshore and under the Australian pension age. There is a very long waiting period applicable.  

Aged Parent Subclass 804 

This is for parents who are offshore and over the Australian pension age. There is a very long waiting period applicable.

Contributory Parent visas

Contributory Parent (Temporary) Subclass 173 

Contributory Parent (Migrant) Subclass 143 

Available for parents of any age from offshore who are willing to pay the higher amount of visa fees.

Contributory Aged Parent (Temporary) Subclass 884  

Contributory parent (Residence) Subclass 864  

Available for aged parents in Australia who are not subject to No Further Stay conditions and willing to pay higher visa processing fees.

Sponsored  Parent (Temporary) Visa Subclass 870 

Commencing from July 2019)

This is the non- Balance of Family Tested parent visa offered to parents of Australian citizens and permanent residents to stay  with their loved ones for three to five years continuosly in Australia.

Other Family Visa options according to your circumstances

  • Remaining Relative (Subclass 115 and Subclass 835) visas 
  • Aged Dependent Relative (Subclass 114 and Subclass 838) visas
  • Carer (Subclass 116 and Subclass 836) visas

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A wide range of visas are available for partners (including same sex and de-facto), parents, children and other eligible relatives of Australian citizens, permanent residents and eligible New Zealand Residents.

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